Mythic Victory Arena (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

Mythic Victory Arena (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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A long time ago, the world stood on the edge of collapse to a dangerous and unruly evil. This evil, the Demon Queen, was stopped by a legendary hero and his partners. The Demon Queen was unable to win and was exiled to a far away land long forgotten by this world. Unable to return to the world around, the Demon Queen took to this new land and begun her work. Ages later the Demon Queen completed her plans and waited for the seal that kept her in exile for so long to break. She wanted company. The seal broke and the Demon Queen begun her new reign over the land. This time was different. What she had created was a spectacle to behold. Those who saw it were fixed to stay indefinitely. Where there once was desolate wastes was now a massive coliseum. The Demon Queen called it the Mythic Victory Arena. The Demon Queen has chosen you, out of a very select few, to participate in the arena. You have potential. You have a burning wish. The Demon Queen has the power to grant your every desire. She does not wish to rule over this world any more; only to see that there is grand entertainment for all. So pick up your weapon and throw yourself into the fray for whatever it is your heart desires. Your will go down in history as a champion of the Mythic Victory Arena! Mythic Victory Arena is a role playing game focusing on battle encounters. You select a character, hone your skills, and fight inside the arena against hordes of enemies. Come out victorious and you will be rewarded with plenty of coin. Coin gets you gear. Gear gets you victories. Victories make you famous. And fame gets you all that you want.Key features:Fight from rank F to rank SSS to become the champion Enjoy tough, yet fun battles Mini-bosses and Bosses at every rank Hire another champion to fight alongside you Keep track of the monsters you've defeated with the Bestiary Purchase over unique 100 weapons and armors to help you win matches Orbs will upgrade your weapons and armor to give you a competitive edge in the arena. Receive rewards for completing various tasks Heal your wounds at the hospital Skills have unique action sequences Visit the skill shop to upgrade and learn new skills In-depth story and profiles for each character Enjoy all the rewards from winning arena battles! Become the champion and receive what it is you desire
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