Mushibugyo: Complete OVA Collection (US Import)

Mushibugyo: Complete OVA Collection (US Import)
Zavvi International
sku: 37150332172
€ 35.49
Shipping from: United Kingdom
Feudal Japan. The Edo period. A time when the Shogunate ruled, mysterious Ninjas lurked in the shadows, Samurai followed the code of Bushido, and giant insects roamed the land causing chaos and destruction. Wait, what was giant insect part again? The Tokugawa rulers aren’t sure where they came from, but they’re certainly a nuisance! Since giant fly swatters haven’t been invented yet, the Tokugawa resort to their standard response whenever there’s a new crisis to be handled: sending in a team of skilled warriors to stick the source of the problem full of a lot of holes. Enter the Mushibugyo, the sword-bearing equivalent of DDT! It may not be as glamorous as some other Samurai jobs, but with the way bugs reproduce, it’s certainly steady employment for the MUSHIBUGYO!
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