Multishop Tycoon Deluxe Steam Gift GLOBAL

Multishop Tycoon Deluxe Steam Gift GLOBAL
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Multishop Tycoon Game lets you start and grow your company and become a food business tycoon. This is a simplified business model of food selling shop network. Earn the optimum profit as best as you can. To make it true, try hard to make your stuff sold out every day, take advantage of the opportunity, sharpen your sales and business skill, train all your sellers, also use all promotion media.You have a great deal of flexibility in how you set your food and beverages prices for each stall that spread across the city. Find the perfect combination of favorite goods, days, places, investment deals, and best strategies to optimize the sales and profit you gain. Be careful, every decision might affect your sales. This family-friendly game is good for children, teenagers and anyone who love tycoon and business games. Do your best to become the great businessman in the city. Enjoy the game!Key features12 environments with each unique characteristic60+ quests to complete40 food and beverages, consist of 1-5 stars in popularity4 AI investors with each unique behavior25+ upgrade items5 types of food stands with 7 varied colors and 18 different sellers4 types of weather20 achievements
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