Middle-earth: Shadow of War Gold Edition Steam Key GLOBAL

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Gold Edition Steam Key GLOBAL
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Middle-earth: SoW is an action role-playing video game developed by Monolith Productions and published in 2017. It is the sequel to the Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor from 2014 and it continues the story from the previous game, following the adventures of Talion as he travels the Middle-earth along with his spirit elf lord companion, Celebrimbor.Shadow of War Gold Edition is a bundle that packs together the base game and its expansion packs + gold war chest:Slaughter Tribe Nemesis Expansion - The first nemesis expansion pack adds the titular enemy tribe. Orcs from the Slaughter Tribe can ambush you at any point in the game, which provides a new random challenge meant to surprise you when you expect it the least. The DLC also introduces multiple new missions, enemies, and fatalities, as well as allows you to acquire a new powerful Legendary Gear Set.Outlaw Tribe Nemesis Expansion - The second nemesis expansion pack has a lot in common with the previous one, but this time it focuses on the Outlaw Tribe instead. As such, it introduces Outlaw Tribe enemies and all the related content, including new fatalities, followers, stories, and a new Legendary Gear Set.The Blade of Galadriel Story Expansion - The first story expansion pack focuses on the adventures of Talion’s ally, Eltariel – Blade of Galadriel – and starts on the tower of Barad-dûr. During the new engaging campaign, you will meet new enemies, find new legendary gear, but most importantly, you will be able to try out the new dual-wield combat.The Desolation of Mordor Story Expansion - The second story expansion pack allows you to play as Baranor, the Captain of the Tower from Minas Ithil. Because Baranor is a mortal, the game features permadeath mechanics. Additionally, you will not be able to use superhuman skills – you will have to utilize new abilities and tools, such as a hook and parachute in order to defeat your enemies.StoryThe game picks the story where Shadow of Mordor left off and continues the adventures of Talion, who along with Celebrimbor travels to Mount Doom in order to forge a new Ring of Power. As a result of unforeseen events, after forging the ring, Talion is forced to head towards the stronghold of Minas Ithil, where Sauron’s forces are trying to retrieve the Palantír, a powerful artifact used to show its owner the events happening in different parts of the world, or even events that happened in the past and events that are bound to happen in the future. Palantír draws both Talion and Celebrimbor closer to Sauron, and as they are nearing the confrontation with the Dark Lord, it turns out their plans and motivations are not exactly the same.Gameplay and Game ModesShadow of War is an action RPG played from the third-person perspective. It is set in the open world based on the works of J. R. R. Tolkien. Talion, as your controllable character, can utilize both human and elven abilities, thanks to the spirit of elf lord, Celebrimbor, with whom Talion shares his body. This uncommon partnership gives you access to skills such as Elven Agility, Spectral Dash, and Domination. The last one is particularly useful, as it allows you to take control over enemy leaders and infiltrate the ranks of Sauron’s army by filling it with your allied Orcs. This in combination with the returning Nemesis system creates deeper gameplay that requires you to spy and gain intel on the Captains and Warchiefs in order to find their weak points and choose the best way to approach them. New skills can be acquired as you develop your character and earn new levels.Besides the single-player story mode, the game also allows you to play online and conquer other players’ fortresses in either friendly or ranked mode.ReceptionShadow of War Gold Edition for PC received positive reviews. Reviewers praised the fact that the game is bigger and more ambitious than its predecessor. They noted the smooth and engaging combat system, as well as the beautiful environment, and challenging difficulty. They also put emphasis on the deep story, and the unique Nemesis System which came back after its successful introduction in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.
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