Metro: Last Light - Season Pass Key Steam GLOBAL

Metro: Last Light - Season Pass Key Steam GLOBAL
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Metro: Last Light is an FPS game, developed by 4A Games studios. The story is based on the events from the book by Russian writer Dimitrij Głuchowski. The action takes place in the near future, in a world obliterated by nuclear war. Most cities, along with their citizens, have been destroyed. Only a handful remained, including a group of a couple thousand people, who were in the Moscow metro – the largest fallout shelter – when the bombs fell. Once again, we play as Artem, the hero of the first game. We will be spending most of the time forcing our way through the tunnels and shooting enemies. The fun is diversified by stealth sequences, when the best strategy is to eliminate the enemies as silently as possible. Additionally, the developers made sure the game has a survival horror vibe.
platform: Steam
product_id: 5809
productid: 5809
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