Megatect (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

Megatect (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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Essentially, Megatect is a multiplayer map builder without limitation! Use a plethora of blocks, objects, and wires to create your own challenge maps, arenas, new sports, whatever you can dream up! Play solo or with friends and share grids online for others to play! Key featuresYou can Build grids alone or with friends via direct connect IP (currently requires port forwarding, I'm looking for a solution) Build your map with a large selection of blocks to work with, and many more coming! Place special blocks such as spawn points, jump pads and teleporters Place Guns, Pickups, and Ammo spawners Use wires to connect doors to buttons, activate platforms or lasers, and generally create puzzles! Launch the grid you're working on into Game Mode and play a match with your friends! Customize your character with different colors and armor pieces Change the time of day, world color and game properties from the world node
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platform: Steam

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