Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection - Steam Key GLOBAL

Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection - Steam Key GLOBAL
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The Collection features additional content such as artwork viewers, game music player, and new gameplay modes. Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection is a bundle of 2D side-scrolling action games, developed and published by Capcom. Legacy Collection includes all the titles from the Zero series, both ZX and ZX Advent games, as well as art and music from the game. The plot of the series focuses on the character of Zero, a Maverick Hunter who wakes up after years of hibernation. Found by the girl named Ciel and her Reploid resistance, Zero decides to protect them from Copy X – a clone of his best friend and ally, Mega Man. Legacy Collection was met with positive reception, with reviewers noting that the game will satisfy the fans of the Mega Man series and those who look for challenging gameplay. Classic gameplay features Mega Man Legacy Collection presents the Mega Man Zero and ZX games s they were at the initial release. No changes have been introduced to the classic action-platforming gameplay, focused on dealing with hordes of enemies, avoiding environmental traps, etc. The changes introduced in contrast to the previous series, Mega Man X, include Cyber-Fairy, which grants the player temporary or permanent boosts. Another new feature is the system of elemental chips, which Zero can attach to their weapons. These can be used to deal greater damage to enemies of a specific element in a rock-paper-scissor style. The Legacy Collection adds a new mode called Z Chaser, in which the players can compete against each other to score higher on the leaderboards. Casual Scenario Mode and Save-Assist help the new players who want to experience the game at their own speed, without worrying about spiking difficulty level. The saga of Zero After going under during events featured in the Mega Man X series, Zero wakes up in a different world. The Maverick War fought against the hostile Reploids has ended. The remaining Reploids began a life of harmony with humans, who welcomed them in the city of Neo Arcadia. However, an energetic crisis has sparked new animosity against the sentient androids. As the new war is all but certain, Zero and Ciel, a human leader of Reploid resistance, join forces to prevent it. Legacy content Aside from the games, Legacy Collection features various additional items that the fans of the series will enjoy. First of them is the artwork gallery, presenting the character and level designs from across the series. The soundtrack player holds the series’ musical score in one place. The Collection allows the player to apply various filters to the game, making the visuals even more unique. Reception Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection, received positive reviews from the players. They noted that the classic gameplay remained intact and would satisfy the fans of the original games, and the PC port was done competently, with little to no bugs. Legacy Collection was considered an excellent choice for the fans of the Mega Man series, as well as all the aficionados of classic platform games. Key features Return to the World of Mega Man Zero in this complete Legacy Collection. Play as Zero, the Maverick Hunter, in a story set years after the plot of Mega Man X. Experience the classic gameplay mechanics. Play in new modes, including Z Chaser leaderboards mode. Take a look at the game’s concept art and listen to the BGM in artwork gallery and music player.
platform: Steam
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