Medieval II: Total War Definitive Edition (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

Medieval II: Total War Definitive Edition (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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Medieval II: Total War Definitive Edition is a complete version of the next installment in the legendary series of strategy games. Produced by Creative Assembly and released by SEGA in 2006, it comes in a new, expanded version for every fan of the Total War series. Check current product sales on Steam to extend your exciting medieval gameplay with extra hours and items.What is included in Medieval II: Total War Definitive Edition?In this exclusive edition, you will receive all DLCs ever released for the base game. If you want to see the full capabilities of this series - Medieval II: Total War collection is definitely something for you.The Definitive Edition bundle includes:Medieval II: Total War - the basic version of the gameMedieval II: Total War ™ Kingdoms - the biggest expansion to the game Medieval II: Total War - GameplayPlay the fourth installment in the legendary series of strategy games that have won the hearts of players around the world! Travel back to the dark times of the Middle Ages and witness the plot of the most thrilling historical battles and crusades with your own eyes. Or rewrite history! Choose from twenty-one playable powers and lead it into battle through medieval Europe, the Middle East, and South America. Total War: Medieval II is a turn-based strategy and a real-time strategy. In the first mode, you will become a ruler who will manage an empire with an iron fist and handle its dynamic development. In the second, you will lead your armies into battle, conquering new lands and expanding your influence. Build cities and supervise security on trade routes. Immerse in the harsh world of medieval economics and learn every aspect of it. Grow your army and conquer unknown lands!Travel to the Middle East and fight for the Holy Land. Or reach further! Prepare your units and battle with the Aztecs to conquer as much of the New World as possible. Conduct sieges, engage in politics, forge alliances and prove yourself to be the most powerful ruler of these dark times!Medieval II: Total War KingdomsThe biggest expansion pack in the history of the series offers up to 80 additional hours of gameplay. Discover completely new lands: the British Isles, North and South America, and unknown regions of the Middle East as well. Try out new playable nations, construct even more buildings and expand your army like never before. The expansion offers new maps and campaign scenarios to keep the storyline at your fingertips. In addition, thanks to Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms, you can play with a friend on one computer in a specially prepared two-players campaign. By buying Medieval II: Total War - Definitive Edition, you can be sure you are the owner of the most complete version of this fantastic strategy game, set in the most turbulent period in history. ReceptionThe Total War series equals quality. When deciding to buy, players can be sure they have chosen a product that will undoubtedly meet all their expectations. Medieval II was named one of the best computer games of 2006 by Computer Games Magazine. Although this title is based on the ideas implemented in previous titles, it is fresh gameplay that introduces entirely new solutions.Key featuresBuy Medieval II: Total War - Definitive Edition and receive access to the full game content, including all DLCs and updatesSelect one of the historical factions and decide what you will fight forDiscover new parts of the world and conquer lands on vast mapsTry out new playable factions and explore their capabilitiesIncrease the game time by an additional 80 hoursConstruct new buildings and add even more skilled units to your armyPlay solo or in a multiplayer campaign
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