Medieval II: Total War Collection (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

Medieval II: Total War Collection (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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Medieval II: Total War is a combination of a turn-based strategy video game with real-time battles. It was developed by Creative Assembly and published in November 2006 by Sega. The game lets you play one of the medieval kingdoms you need to grow and develop by defeating rival kingdoms, capturing their provinces, and making important diplomatic decisions.Medieval II: Total War Collection ContentsThe Collection is a definitive edition of the game and it includes both the base Medieval II: Total War game and the Kingdoms expansion pack that brings more units to the base game, as well as new playable factions, new agents, buildings, new territories on the campaign map, and even a 1v1 hot-seat multiplayer campaign mode.StoryMedieval 2 Total War is set in the medieval period between 1080 and 1530, but it doesn’t feature a story on its own. Instead, you are free to reshape the history as you see fit by leading one of the medieval kingdoms during the exciting times of swords and castles when the conflict between Christianity and Islam is fiercer than ever.GameplayMedieval II: Total War is played on the huge map of Europeand partially in the Middle East, Africa, and even the New World. The map is divided into provinces that can be conquered. Each province can have either a city or a castle built in it. Cities are the primary source of income, while castles are used mainly for military purposes, such as recruiting an experienced army and providing a solid defense against enemy troops.While on this map, players take turns to build new structures, recruit an army and agents and order them to move or declare attacks. Declared battles are then resolved in real-time, where you are able to command your units and order them to march forward, flank the enemy army, or hide in the forest, for example. Attacking the castle can turn into a siege battle, where siege equipment should be used to breach the walls.Religion plays a huge role in the game with Christians fighting against Muslims over the holy land of Jerusalem. The Pope can call crusades against hostile provinces, while Muslim imams can declare jihads. Failing to answer the Pope’s call may result in excommunication.Game ModesThe main Medieval II: Total War mode is the single-player campaign, where players choose their starting kingdom and try to conquer as many provinces as possible during the five hundred years period. Depending on the type of campaign, short or long, players need to capture at least 15 or 45 territories to win. Additionally, in the long campaign, it’s also required to capture one or two significant cities – Jerusalem, Granada, Rome, or Constantinople.Besides the campaign, there are also single battles that put emphasis on real-time engagements between two or more participants. These can be played in a few different ways – custom battles are set entirely by the player, multiplayer battles allow to battle another player, and historical battles are challenges based on real historical encounters, where you often have to deal with a more powerful opponent and must outsmart him in order to win.ReceptionMedieval II: Total War received positive reviews. Reviewers and players alike praised the perfect combination of turn-based and real-time elements. They also noted the upgraded graphics and considered the title the most accessible game of the entire franchise, making it a great choice for newcomers to the Total War series. Additionally, critics appreciated the well-balanced nations, the intelligent layout of the interface, and the depth of the diplomacy.
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