Magicka: Horror Props Item Pack Steam Key GLOBAL

Magicka: Horror Props Item Pack Steam Key GLOBAL
sku: a9d0bf5b-deb8-4556-a752-0aad6aa00a46
Shipping from: China
An item pack filled with nasty things you would find at any ordinary horror movie set. Whether you prefer slashers or mad stories from the 1920s, this pack contains something for you.Key features:For use in the Challenge and Versus modes only.Chainsaw - Unfortunately this chainsaw requires an operational hand to wieldSickle of the Corn - Any fanatic child's weapon of choiceSpicy Meatball - Goes KA-BOOM like nothing elseBaseball Bat - Good for smashing office appliancesSkull Club - We though about spoofing Pokémon but we did a club with a skull on it insteadTommy Gun - If you accidently unleash a daemon upon the world, make sure you have one of theseSinister - Looks the way it soundsTyrants Axe - This very true axe will make you feel immortalElf Slasher - An elf's worst nightmareSix Shooter - Fully loaded upon deliveryStaff of the Infernal Abyss - Unleash unholy powers upon your foes
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