MOTH x Sonic The Hedgehog Colour Splash On-Ear Headphones & Caps

MOTH x Sonic The Hedgehog Colour Splash On-Ear Headphones & Caps
Zavvi International
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Zavvi - The Home of Pop CultureHe's lightning fast and loves gold rings, it's Sonic the Hedgehog of course! Popularised in the SEGA arcade classic of the 90's, Sonic has spun, looped and sprinted his way through history to be one of the most recognisable videogame characters to date. With over 20 games and multiple third party appearances, Sonic is a fan favourite when it comes to platforming superstars and number one when it comes to speedy blue hedgehogs.On the move on public transport, brushing up at home before an exam, or tuning in to your favourite podcast, we all want the best for audio quality. MOTH Audio aims to provide audio solutions that integrate into your lifestyle with a creative, personalised streak. Featuring custom-designed, interchangeable printed caps, our Bluetooth Wireless headphones are the perfect blend of comfortable style and innovative tech.Not everyone listens in the same way, so we're also keen to have you create your own custom product - and that starts from the moment you choose your base. Our Bluetooth headphones come in two distinct formats: Luna, for the casual, on-ear user, and Atlas - for those who prefer a larger over-ear design. Both have subtle but intuitive controls built into the side of the headphones, and both offer supreme audio quality.Whichever style catches your eye, you can mix and match with a range of interchangeable, custom printed caps, ready to switch out. Superheroes for monday to kick the week off right, all the way through to bold, wild-child colours for friday's end-of-week atmosphere! Remove each cap with our special (included) toolpiece, click your style for the day in place, and off you go, ready to take on the world - with a soundtrack of your choosing, of course.Product Specifications:Bluetooth ConnectivityCustom printed, interchangeable design capsBattery Life: 16 Hours (Luna), 24 Hours (Atlas)90 days standby timeCharge Time: 2 HoursAudio Specifications:Frequency Response: 10Hz - 20kHz+Sensitivity: 102dB at 1kHzImpedance: 32 ohm40mm Driver Diameter3.5mm jack connection
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