sku: T2750111
Shipping from: United States
Vacuum and Mop at the Same Time: Combines vacuum and mop for the total floor cleaning solution to fulfill all your cleaning needs.
Wet&Dry Messes All Gone in One Go: With cordless vacuum and mop combined to effectively clean wet and dry messes in one go.
Eco-Clean Ozone™: Aqueous ozone is produced to clean common messes on floors and remove odors naturally for a deeper clean. Safe for pets and children.
Always Clean Mop™: Washes the mop while cleaning to prevent floor recontamination.
Triple Self-Cleaning System: Post cleaning, select self-cleaning mode to wash the mop with cleaning fluid; while ozone minimizes odor and germs. Hot air is then circulated to ensure the device is 100% dry.
Tesla Valve Precision Mixing: Tesla Valve mixes water and cleaner in precise proportions. Use up to 30 days without refill.

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