M5Stack PoE Programmable Webcam Ethernet/UART Transmission 8M PSRAM Module

M5Stack PoE Programmable Webcam Ethernet/UART Transmission 8M PSRAM Module
sku: 1894668
Shipping from: China
Description PoECAM is an open source Fully programmable camera integrating PoE Power Over Ethernet This item is ESP32 based webcam with W5500 embedded Ethernet controller plus 200w pixel image sensor OV2640 PoECAM equipped with a combination of 8MB PSRAM 16MB Flash large memory This teeny tiny with flexible power supply you can get stable image by connecting the network cable in just 2 steps It s wonderful for you to monitor warehouse get auto image acquisition etc Plug and Play One step to get the IP by connecting to the network cable You can view the images from any device in the wireless LAN Image data acquisition due to it s own existing softwareCameraTool UART image transfer with PC upper computerAbundant features ESP32 embedded reserved burning interface for developingW5500 embedded Ethernet controller supports TCP UDP IPv4 ICMP ARP IGMP and PPPoE protocolsExporting image data in various formats Tuning Image ParametersHighly flexible Support PoE power supply Network cablepower supply 2 in 1 wiring simplified Support 5V power supplyGROVE expansion interfaceCamera fixed back clip for wall hangingProduct Features Rich image processing API interfacePoE IEEE802 3 AF specificationEthernet webcamBuilt in ESP32 MCUDevelopment platform UIFlow Arduin0 ESP IDFSoftware code hardware open sourceSpecification SpecificationsParametersESP32 D0WDQ6 V3240MHz dual core 600 DMIPS 520KB SRAM Wi Fi dual mode BluetoothFlash16MBPSRAM8MBImage SensorOV2640Maximu
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