Lilly and Sasha: Guardian Angels Steam Key GLOBAL

Lilly and Sasha: Guardian Angels Steam Key GLOBAL
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Part 3 in the Lilly and Sasha series.After Sasha was deemed unworthy of redemption, she passed through the Nexus of Souls. Lilly, who had promised Sasha that she would never give up, followed her through the portal.Meanwhile, Zahhak is more powerful than ever. With Lilly gone, Griffin and Dak must find a way to stop Zahhak.* More new and exciting usable items like the bird whistle, crane controller and more make for new and exciting puzzles* Visit the town of Balyang and try your hand at the puzzle dungeon* Detailed quest journal to keep track of quests* Battle alongside your pets* Continue your save file from the previous Lilly and Sasha games
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