Let's Go! Skiing VR - Steam - Key GLOBAL

Let's Go! Skiing VR - Steam - Key GLOBAL
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Let's go! SkiingFun VR sports gameLet's go! Skiing is a competetive sports game for friends and family, young and old. It's great for parties and helps in promoting active lifestyle to children!In Let's go! Skiing players will take part in a real skiing competing! Slide down the slope, collect the coins and avoid the obstacles!Key features:Local leaderboard: compete against your friends and see who gets the highest score!Dangerous track: the skiing track is dangerous and has a lot of obstacles. Watch out for those avalanches!Stylish graphics: Let's go! Skiing has cartoon-like graphics, which makes it great for children!Simple controls: in the game you use the controllers as skiing sticks and you steer with your head. It can't get easier!
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