Left 4 Dead 2 Steam Gift GLOBAL

Left 4 Dead 2 Steam Gift GLOBAL
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Impersonate one of the four survivors in this cooperative action horror FPS – Left 4 Dead 2. Team up with your friends and fight your way through the hordes of zombies. In five different campaigns you get to experience the territories from Savannah to New Orleans that have been overrun by the undead. Arm yourself with devastating armaments of classic and upgraded weapons. Additionally, you are able to use a great number of melee weapons such as chainsaws, axes or even frying pans. The thrill of the first installment of the game has grown along with three unique special infected and five new uncommon zombies including the Mudmen.The AI Director 2.0 will change the weather conditions gradually along with the population of the enemy- L4D2 gameplay is never the same.
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