Last Word Steam Gift GLOBAL

Last Word Steam Gift GLOBAL
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Last Word is an unconventional JRPG. Battle sophisticated guests using words as weapons. Collect topics by gossiping to unlock mysteries. Drink wine. The night is young and no one can leave until the devious Professor Chatters says so! Can Whitty and Seymour overcome the power of the professor's amazing machine? Or will they succumb to the saucy banter of the motley aristocrats around them? Don't hesitate in getting the Last Word.Key featuresUnique battle system! Fight with the subtle nuances of conversation. Engaging storytelling! Get whisked away by a narrative brimming with character! And fun! Key Topic System! Gather gossip to unlock more... gossip! Vocal SFX! Each character has their own awe-inducing sound. Listen to the quality of that throat clearing! Bow Ties! Learn skills and equip them using snazzy Bow Tie Points!
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