Last Train Home | Digital Deluxe Edition (PC) - Steam Account - GLOBAL

Last Train Home | Digital Deluxe Edition (PC) - Steam Account - GLOBAL
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Last Train Home is a historical RTS game developed by an independent Czechian game studio, Ashborne Games. This unique single-player strategy game based on historical events was published by THQ Nordic in 2023.Our train, our homeThe Last Train Home video game tells the story of the brave soldiers of the Czechoslovak Legion and their experiences during World War I. Tangled in the Russian Civil War, the soldiers have to survive the harsh reality of the war and dangerous natural conditions - with a train as their home and shelter, they have to do anything it takes to stay alive and come back home safely.Last Train Home is a perfect mix of a real-time strategy game, resource management and survival. This single-player, story-rich video game is a perfect choice for every RTS fan as well as the new players to the genre. Be careful though, as your every choice matters and mistakes are irreversible!How to surviveYour soldiers are using the trans-Siberian railway to travel through the dangerous snowfields of Russia. Management is the key to their survival: keep the train running, upgrade its parts and don’t forget about the necessary maintenance. Gather resources and keep your soldiers alive despite the desperate situation they have found themselves in - keep their morale high, take care of their injuries and direct them to do various tasks onboard the train in order to keep the travel as smooth as possible. Be prepared for anything though! You never know what may happen during your journey.While the train is your base, you will have to face what’s lurking outside of it as well. Prepare your troops to leave the train, deploy your squad and complete various objectives in order to survive another day on the railroad. Stay stealthy or risk going in with a bang! Take part in challenging combat segments, get to know your new friends and enemies and test your tactics skills. Don't forget to appreciate your soldiers for their admirable bravery - assign medals, craft and collect new equipment and level your men up, upgrading their skills and abilities.With every soldier being unique, you can get to know their stories and form bonds unusual for the war-themed video games. Discover the rich plot of Last Train Home and help your comrades come back to where they belong - it is not going to be easy, but it will for sure be worth trying!Key features:A one-of-a-kind real-time strategy game based on historical events - perfect for both the veterans of the genre and the new players alike.Travel the dangerous Siberian snowfields and try to stay alive - manage your troops and take care of their home, the titular train.Take part in exciting combats, stay stealthy or bold and test your resource management and strategic skills. Discover the rich and tragic story of the Czechoslovak Legions as well as every one of your soldiers in Last Train Home!
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