LZ7.83Hz Multi-mode Switched Schumann Wave Frequency Pulse Generator Module

LZ7.83Hz Multi-mode Switched Schumann Wave Frequency Pulse Generator Module
sku: 1897604
Shipping from: China
Description The product prototype is a wireless power transmission experiment board the transmitting antenna completely imitates the US S DYG transmitter which is changed to the STC main control single chip 7 83Hz Schumann frequency output equipped with LED flashing with frequency and the 4 mode buttons can be switched The antenna drawings of this product completely imitate the S DYG transmitter of the United States The electromagnetic field emission range is wide The original complex analog circuit is directly written into the STC microprocessor through the program code The highly integrated digital circuit technology combines the classic complex analog circuit Optimization not only supports one click switching of more advanced power modes but also further improves its stability and resists signal cross talk Instructions Take out the USB cable connect the round hole end to the circuit board and plug the USB end into the charging treasure or USB charging head or other USB power supply equipment to work a variety of working modes can be switched by the button standby mode high power transmission Mode low power transmission mode lighting mode Specifications Circuit Board Size 10 x 10cmPower Supply Interface DC 5 5 x 2 1Power Supply Voltage 5VRated Power Consumption 1WFrequency 7 83HzWeight 80gPackage Included 1 x 7 83HZ Schumann Wave Generator1 x 5V DC Power USB Cable
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