Knockout City (PC) - Origin Key - GLOBAL (ENG ONLY)

Knockout City (PC) - Origin Key - GLOBAL (ENG ONLY)
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Knockout City is a team-based action video game developed by Velan Studios and released by Electronic Arts in May 2021. Enter the streets of Knockout City and take part in the fiercest competition ever in the most thrilling game - dodgeball! Create a character Express your energy down to the smallest detail of your appearance. Make Knockout City remember your spirit and your unique style. Choose from many types of hairstyles, builds, and clothing to create a true living legend. You can even choose your own character's animations! Gameplay Join the Knockout video game and start the action right away. Gather your team of undefeated players and compete side by side with other players. Be ready for the most intense, epic, and fun-filled gameplay ever! When balls start flying in the air, catch them and hit at your opponents. Dodge, jump, run and curl up to become a ball yourself.See for yourself what effects the different balls have to make the best use of them in the competition. Use your extraordinary skills and become the strongest player on the map. Practice makes perfect! Explore different maps, wander the city and see each element of the environment you can use to your advantage. Try yourself at the fastest rooftop parkour, go down to the street, and see what else Knockout games have to offer. Get ready for the highest dose of adrenaline and greatest fun of your life! Multiplayer The Knockout City game is a team based gameplay that takes the brawl between players to a whole new level. Play together with other players in 3v3 or 4v4 matches. Or engage in total dodge madness and play all against all! Win and get great prizes. You can be sure the gameplay will be fast, crazy, and unforgettable. Key features Create a character - customize your hero down to the tiniest detail to express yourself in the wildest gameplay on the streets of Knockout City. Gather a team - form a group, learn together how to play, and throw balls all over the map to win. Master the game mechanics - learn your skills and the awesome effects of the balls, or become the ball yourself in the hands of your teammate. Explore maps - play dodgeball in all the locations the city has to offer: jump between rooftops, run between cars, avoid surprises on the construction, and much more! Compete in groups - stand up to fierce battles against other determined players and win the most epic prizes.
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