Kitty Nigiri VR Steam Key GLOBAL

Kitty Nigiri VR Steam Key GLOBAL
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It’s not about you. Sure, you want to use your wit, agility, Dynatron Shield and Cyberite Chopsticks to survive The Chef’s Deathtrap Dinner Theater. You’d do anything not to become the cuisine du jour, Feline Nigiri. But it’s not about you. It’s about saving thousands of other hastily evolved cats, enslaved in gladiatorial games aboard the 1950’s leisure cruiser, the Starliner Fairbrother, a generation ship overdue for the promised land of Alpha Centauri. More importantly, it’s about saving the one you love, LeChat, held hostage to rein in your rebellious tendencies. Today is the day Kitty steps up, the day Kitty flips the script, the day Kitty rises as a champion, a hero, and a savior.
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