Kayak VR: Mirage (PC) - Steam Gift - GLOBAL

Kayak VR: Mirage (PC) - Steam Gift - GLOBAL
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Kayak VR: Mirage is a jaw-dropping and exhilarating journey through beautiful locations, made for Virtual Reality. Maneuver our fully physically accurate kayak around checkpoints and crown yourself the fastest, or take it easy and use the free roam mode and enjoy the scenery.Key FeaturesBeautiful and varied locations to explore or race through, featuring multiple times of day and weather conditions.Cutting-edge graphics that push the limits of what VR is capable of.Fully physics-based kayaking for an authentic experience that really makes you feel like you're on the water.Free roam mode for a more serene experience through the levels.A variety of sea and wildlife that brings every environment to life.Time attack with a checkpoint course on all levels for racing fanatics who want a real workout.Play asynchronously against other players on the global leaderboards or your friends.Customize your kayak, paddle and headwear with a wide range of unlockable options.Optionally transform your controllers into a paddle by attaching them to a stick or mount and take the immersion to the next level.Comfort settings that make sure people without sea legs can enjoy it all the same.A music selection that always fits with the environment and mode you're playing in.Optimized to run well across a range of PC's, enabling a high-fidelity experience on high-end rigs while maintaining good performance on lower-end rigs.Support for FidelityFX.Support for DLSS (compatible with NVIDIA RTX Cards only).
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