Jurassic Park x Luke Preece - Raptors in the Kitchen - Glow in the Dark - Screen-Print -24 x36”., Multi

Jurassic Park x Luke Preece - Raptors in the Kitchen - Glow in the Dark - Screen-Print -24 x36”., Multi
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Get your hands on one of our exceptional limited-edition glow-in-the-dark 7-layer screen-prints today!Produced by print specialists White Duck on 300 gsm Gmund Bauhaus premium soft cotton paper, these prints are of the highest quality and not just any ordinary print. Each print is hand-made by passing layers of ink through a mesh stencil onto paper, ensuring that the final product has vivid colours, incredible depth, and gives the print a pleasingly tactile quality.Raptors in the KitchenFeaturing the iconic scene Raptors in the Kitchen seen from the iconic 1993 film Jurassic Park. The first ever human manufactured pre-historic park! A great success until an industrial sabotage leads to the shutdown of the park's power including all security precautions; a total disaster when you have several de-extinct dinosaurs including Raptors, Baryonyx and a Tyrannosaurus rex now able to roam or hunt freely on the island. The 1993 film used ground-breaking CGI and created a revolution for the film industry, blurring the vision of illusion and reality for the audience.The ArtistLuke Preece is a UK-based illustrator. His work combines the visceral power of Heavy Metal iconography and the intricacy of 70s/80s science fiction, presented with a clear, compositionally led design aesthetic.Growing up in the 80s and 90s on a diet of SF and fantasy movies, comics, and Metal music, Luke's earliest design work was the cover art for his own bands.Luke has collaborated with galleries worldwide for numerous exhibitions and events, has produced sought-after limited-edition screen-prints, designed gig posters for his musical heroes and much more. Clients include Marvel, Lucasfilm, Xbox, Tony Hawk, Metallica, Slipknot, and Ozzy Osbourne amongst others.Printed by print specialists White Duck, their process uses high-quality art paper and fine detail techniques to deliver exceptional clarity and a stunning finish to the design. Don't settle for anything less than the best, grab one of these limited-edition screen prints of this incredible Jurassic Park x Luke Preece Raptors in the Kitchen design today.Features:- Glow-in-the-dark layer!- LMITED EDITION – ONLY 100 AVAILABLE- 7-layer screen print- 300gsm high quality soft cotton paper- Design features iconic Jurassic Park Scene
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