Jorji and Impossible Forest Steam Key GLOBAL

Jorji and Impossible Forest Steam Key GLOBAL
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sku: 928128
Help little Jorji to survive in his journey to the depths of Impossible Forest, in this super-hard, hand-crafted 2D platformer.Impossible Forest was a very peaceful place, filled with cute inhabitants. But once upon a cruel wizard called Nemrok curses this place with wretched charms, placing seeds of evil into every living soul of Impossible Forest, even into "the Guardians of the forest" - the long-lived protectors of the forest.You are playing as forester boy, named "Little Jorji" - the one who has an immunity to the evil wizard's charms. The controls are very simple - jump, air-dash, shoot, climb - but levels will become hard very fast and your every fail will be a lesson. Fast respawns, puzzles and crafty enemies will make your journey even more fun. Your main aim will be to purge evil forces from the Impossible Forest, making it peaceful again, while understanding why Nemrok has such an interest in this place ?
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platform: Steam
product_id: 928128
productid: 928128
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