Job Simulator VR Steam Key GLOBAL

Job Simulator VR Steam Key GLOBAL
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Job Simulator is a fun VR-only video game developed and released by Owlchemy Labs in 2016. Definitely play it if you feel doing one job is not enough!StoryIt's 2050, and intelligent robots do literally everything. Humans don't remember what life was like in the old days, but the 2050 archives allow them to experience the most popular careers from the past. As one of the many visitors, you can choose a profession and lose yourself in incredibly realistic virtual reality!GameplayJob Simulator VR is a hilarious recommendation for everyone enjoying a job well done. Or not! Players can do whatever they want by completing complex tasks or completely ignoring them in this unique game. Become a gourmet chef, car mechanic, office worker, or shop clerk! Each career path features around 15 quests to complete - but you can also explore the workplace or wreak some mayhem!It's a single-player title, but your friends can follow your remarkable progress in the Spectator mode. And let us tell you there's plenty to see! You can try to work or lose yourself in playing silly pranks on others. Put a bug on someone's pizza, throw pencils, eat a donut, or run away. You can also try to play as long as you can in the crazy Overtime mode, and the high immersion level will let you forget about real life. Work is life!Key features:Relax by playing a job simulation with your Oculus Rift or HTC ViveChoose one of four professions and complete the missionsExplore, have fun, sell hot dogs, and try to fix the car with a lemonPlay as long as you can in challenging Overtime modeLet others watch your progress in Spectator mode
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