Jinbei DM-90 Octagonal Professional Softbox

Jinbei DM-90 Octagonal Professional Softbox
sku: JISBDM90
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With the Jinbei DM / M softboxes light shapers are available with an attractive price-performance ratio. The DM softboxes are lightweight and ideally suited for use with Jinbei DC-II standard flash heads and DM2 studio flash units. The M softboxes offer many options for the design of the light on the different sizes and are equipped with a reinforced speed ring and struts.Soft Light for a Natural IlluminaionThe Jinbei DM / M softboxes with their soft, even light provide the basis for a natural, harmonious illumination. As an attractive combination of low purchase price and high quality, both lightformer series are ideal for beginners in flash photography as well as for ambitious flash photographers.Large Assortments for Individual LightWith softboxes in different shapes and sizes, the range of Jinbei M softboxes provides a wide variety of light shapers for individual illumination of your motifs. Among other things, the range includes a strip light for an accentuated set of light as well as the octagonal Octobox Softboxes for soft light and beautiful eye-reflexes for portrait shots.With its freely rotating speed ring, you can quickly move the light shapers to the position you want. With the large selection you can realize many lighting scenarios in product, macro, beauty and portrait photography. When not in use or for transport, the softboxes fold easily.Effective Interior and Front DiffusersThe softboxes of both series are equipped as standard with inner and front diffusers. With the supplied diffusers, the light is softened by the redistribution.The interior diffuser counteracts the creation of a brighter light area in the center of the image (hotspot), while the front diffuser increases the luminous area. Both provide, individually or together, for softer light-shadow transitions and less disturbing reflections on the subject. To prevent heat build-up inside the softboxes, the light shapers on the back have corresponding ventilation flaps.

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