Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars (Xbox One) - Xbox Live Key - GLOBAL

Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars (Xbox One) - Xbox Live Key - GLOBAL
Xbox Live
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Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars is a turn-based strategy and empire management game, developed by Palindrome Interactive and published by Kalypso Media Digital. The game puts the player in charge of a vampire clan, and their job is to lead their family in a war against other immortal covens. The game combines the elements of turn-based strategy gameplay, managing a growing empire and unique card game mechanics. Vampire Wars was praised for its mechanics, design, as well as intriguing plot and characters.Manage your Empire and fight your enemies in turn-based gameplayVampire Wars combines several gameplay mechanics, main for a truly unique experience. First and foremost, the game is a turn-based strategy, where the player controls the head of one of three vampire clans. Each of the clans features its unique style. The imperial Draculs command armies of vampires, half-breeds, and werewolves. The ancient and terrifying Nosfernus clan excels in necromancy. The Moroia practice their secretive blood magic. Each clan has its perks and drawbacks, which will influence the way player has to play them The combat mechanics include the use of special cards, which can be used to buff the players' units or debuff the ones of their enemy.The management gameplay in Vampire Wars is based around up keeping the player's army and developing their empire. The player will have to gather the resources to strengthen their fortresses, recruit and train new units, etc.The game can be played in three modes: the Campaign, in which the player can experience the story of the game, Sandbox mode, where no story ramifications are given and the player has a free choice of their actions, and battle-oriented Skirmish.The story of immortal bloodlinesThe royal Draculs in Warmont, the Nosfernus of haunted Mourterra, and the Moroia from Esain in the frozen north – these three vampire clans have fought against each other since time immemorial. Drawing strength from their immortality and magic, the immortals wage wars for control over the land. The scale is about to be tipped in favor of one of the clans – it is up to you which one will emerge victorious.ReceptionImmortal Realms: Vampire Wars received positive initial impressions from the critics. Many compared its mechanics favorably to the Total War series, mentioning the turn-based strategy gameplay and management mechanics as its strongest points. The reviewers noted the game's design and atmosphere as another feature that could potentially draw in the players fascinated by vampire lore.
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