I Am Weekender

I Am Weekender
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Zavvi - The Home of Pop Culture Fuelled by Flowered Up’s epic soundtrack, WIZ's Weekender (1992) was a film ahead of its time, both in form and content. It’s an authentic glimpse at club and drug culture, engaging with contemporary issues that mainstream media were eager to sensationalise. Consequently, it was branded with an 18 certificate and banned by both the BBC and ITV, never reaching a wider audience. Ever since, Weekender has bubbled just below the surface, gaining genuine cult status and influencing a vast network of creators. Recently fully restored from the original negative and now released on BFI Blu-Ray, this first tangible document of the British rave scene is coupled with I Am Weekender - a brand new feature-length documentary about the making of the film and its enduring impact. Directed by Chloé Raunet, it features contributions from Irvine Welsh, Jeremy Deller, Shaun Ryder, Róisín Murphy, Lynne Ramsey, Heavenly’s Jeff Barrett and many more, offering a unique insight into the heart of acid house. Product Features Presented in High Definition Weekender (1992, 19 mins): following the band Flowered Up, Weekender explores the hedonistic side of club and drug culture in the UK Take It (5 mins): an original promotional video for Flowered Up directed by WIZ Phobia (4 mins): promotional video for Flowered Up directed by Paul Cannell It's On (5 mins): an original promotional video for Flowered Up Raise (3 mins): an original Bocca Juniors promotional video featuring Anna Haigh and directed by WIZ Nish (3 mins): a short film by WIZ featuring previously unseen Super 8 footage filmed at a Boys Own party in 1989 Limited edition of 2,000 copies (includes slipcase) **FIRST PRESSING ONLY** Illustrated booklet featuring new writing by journalist Miranda Sawyer, director WIZ and Des Penney, band manager and lyric writer for Weekender Other extras TBC
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