Hunter's Arena: Legends (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

Hunter's Arena: Legends (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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Hunter's Arena: Legends is the first MMORPG game developed by Mantisco studio. The game offers an interesting experience, thanks to the unusual gameplay mechanics combining a few different genres. The world created by developers from Mantisco is filled with multiple engaging PvE (Players versus environment) activities. However, AI enemies are not the only threat waiting for us in the game - while traveling across the fantastic world, we will often other players, and they won't always be our allies. After all, the main goal of the game is to be the last man standing. Gameplay In the game, the action is presented from the Third Person Perspective (TPP), placing the camera behind the back of our character. Hunter's Arena offers an online pvp experience, and as it befits Battle Royale games, the main goal of the gameplay is to outlast every other player (the game starts with a maximum of 60 players) and become the Last Man Standing. To increase chances for encountering other players, the battlefield is constantly shrinking. The game world is filled with adventures, deadly monsters (including powerful bosses), and other challenges waiting for the player. HA: Legends features co-op elements as well - during the gameplay we can team up with other players to take down more challenging enemies. However, it is worth keeping in mind that no alliance can last forever and our companions may turn against us in a matter of seconds. As the game progress, our character will level up unlocking access to new, more powerful abilities. The combat system presented in HA: Legends is fast-paced and spectacular. Encounters require a lot of skill and reflex. In addition to that, during combat, it is crucial to "know" your enemies, predict their movements, and even use the environment to your advantage. The game gives players total freedom in choosing their favorite playstyle, allowing them to use both, long, and close-range weapons and abilities. Key Features Explore a beautiful, fantasy world, full of challenges and adventures. Team-up, or compete with other players wandering the game world. The spectacular and fast-paced combat system. Take part in challenging Boss Raids, cooperating with other players. Level up your character, learning new useful, and more powerful abilities.
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