Hubris (PC) - Steam Gift - GLOBAL

Hubris (PC) - Steam Gift - GLOBAL
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A VR action-adventure game set in the unique and intriguing Hubris Sci-Fi Universe. As a player, you take the role of a recruit in training to become an agent of the mighty and feared Order of Objectivity, also known as the OOO. Together with pilot Lucia, you are sent to the planetoid belt of the Twin planet system to search for the mysterious agent Cyanha.You will have to use all of your agility and strength to survive the harsh environment and wildlife on a planet which is being terraformed. Along the way, you will have to fight like a real OOO agent, learn how to craft weapons and control vehicles and other machinery. To succeed in your mission, you are going to need all the help you can get, as there are other factions eager to unravel the long-forgotten secrets of the OOO.Key FeaturesEnjoy a full VR experience in which you are able to move, climb, swim and jump freely.Become part of the unique and intriguing Sci-Fi world of Hubris, the start of a new full-blown space saga.Savour some of the best and most immersive graphics in VR available.Fight alongside epic and colourful characters against a mix of alien wildlife, humanoids and mechanised enemies, each of them requiring unique tactics to defeat.Gather and salvage resources, craft weapons and tools, control vehicles and mechanical devices.Unravel the OOO’s long-forgotten secrets.Earn your place as an agent of the Order of Objectivity.
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age: ESRB Teen
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