How To Cleanse In 7 Days

How To Cleanse In 7 Days
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Overweight, depressed and diagnosed with ovarian cancer, author Evita *Ramparte achieved a remarkable 83-pound weight loss and self-healing of cancer through natural means in just four months. Now an international speaker, celebrity coach, and guide to those who attend her cleansing retreats all over the world, demand for her retreats has spread like wildfire! Evita Ramparte's stunning transformation into radiant beauty and optimum health inspires people throughout the world to follow her example, attend her retreats and learn her magical and all-natural health techniques. Her deep knowledge of the body, mind and emotions, combining many powerful methods into one cohesive program, allow some to lose as much as 25 pounds in 7 days! Now you can learn her secrets of How To Cleanse in 7 Days, formerly known to just her private celebrity clients. You can experience weight loss, the joy and lightness that comes from cleansing the body, and feel and look radiant and glowing as you follow her simple steps. "How much have you locked into your body? How many toxins? How much emotion and judgment? Would you be willing to use Evita's tools and see what can change for you? Her cleanses work*wonders for changing people's lives and bodies." Dr. Lisa Giusiana, Chiropractor / Naturopath, Orange County, CA
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