House Flipper - Garden DLC (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

House Flipper - Garden DLC (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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Become a Gardener Have you ever thought of becoming a gardener? Thanks to Garden Flipper DLC it is now possible!Before you'll start planting trees and plants you'll need to get rid of trash and rubble. Mow the lawn, hew unwanted trees, tear out weeds and prepare your garden for a complete makeover! Map paths out, plant new trees and bushes and set flowerbeds. Explore completely new orders and discover innovative mechanics, which we've designed in association with professional gardeners!Step by step, sink in the world of plants. Transform desolated gardens into beautiful masterworks - let them shine under your management. And when you'll be ready to create your own garden…Dont Limit YourselfIn Garden Flipper, you're the one who decides how your garden looks like!Do you prefer widespread gardens of the Palace of Versailles or the minimalistic style of Zen gardens?Don't limit yourself! Let your garden shine for you and make your neighbors jealous of it! Make appraisers fight for it!And if you like, put your feet up and relax in the sanctuary of silence and peace which will calm your senses and will give you the energy to implement new ideas in the next houses!The new expansion is not only about plants and flowers. We've prepared hundreds of new items which will make your garden look even better!Key Features18 brand new orders3 brand new housesmore than 600 unique items in many variants including more than 250 plants8 brand new mechanics
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