Hot Wheels Unleashed | Ultimate Stunt Edition (PC) - Steam Gift - GLOBAL

Hot Wheels Unleashed | Ultimate Stunt Edition (PC) - Steam Gift - GLOBAL
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Hot Wheels Unleashed is an arcade racing video game produced and released by Milestone in 2021. Choose from the best models of Hot Wheels vehicles, personalize their appearance and compete in the most heated races! Unleash your inner champion and defeat all rivals! Gameplay Take up the challenge! Long, twisted tracks are waiting for you to join the race. Compete with the best, show dexterity, and outsmart all your opponents. Dodge, drift and avoid obstacles. Drive faster to ride the toughest loops! Hot Wheels Unleashed is the fire of crazy competition. Create your race tracks! Design the layout of the roads, add obstacles and distractions. Get carried away with your imagination! Create cool twists and loops that will challenge even the most experienced drivers. Regardless of whether you want to create a track for pure fun or a truly hellish experience - know that overcoming it will be the best sports emotions. Share your projects with other players and race with them on your favorite tracks. Be carried away by the madness of unrestrained rush. Speed ​​up to get the best achievements. Win and get better. Enter the multiplayer competition! Play single-player games, locally on split screen or online with other players. Race and compare your best results. The Hot Wheels video game is all about fire, speed, madness, and absolute fun! Reception The success of the Hot Wheels game is the power of memories. The best moments spent playing with this company's cars are the driving force that generates interest in the video game. The track editor in Hot Wheels Unleashed deserves particular attention, allowing you to unleash your creativity. Key features Select the legendary Hot Wheels cars and personalize them to drive the most original vehicle. Race, dodge, overcome challenging obstacles and loops. Speed up to earn achievements. Create your own race tracks in the extended editor. Play solo or in multiplayer for up to 12 people.
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