Hexguardian (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

Hexguardian (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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Enjoy two distinct ways to play the game, with standard and challenge modes.Standard Mode - In the standard game mode you will have access to a vast tech tree. Use points earned from previous runs to unlock new towers, units, upgrades, wonders and more. You will also unlock new maps and difficulty settings as you complete your runs.Challenge Mode - Take on a challenge that changes every week. Choose your perks, use your limited resources wisely, and compete on the weekly leaderboard.Key features Shape your realm and control the enemy paths with randomly generated hexagonal tiles - Kill enemies to obtain hexagonal map tiles, match these titles with the existing paths to create longer routes, obtain better building placement options, or close off the loop to stop enemies spawning from the portals.Build towers, recruit armies and learn spells to defeat enemies from land, sea and air - Choose a strategy to defend your realm. Build a variety of towers from simple arrow and bomb launchers to fire and ice towers. Recruit armies of swordsmen, archers and more, and learn powerful spells to slow down and damage enemies as they invade from land, sea and air!Build magnificent wonders to turn the tides of battle - Build large Wonders with unique and powerful abilities to turn the tides of battle. Build support buildings like markets and windmills to earn additional gold to purchase more firepower and upgrades.Use the environment to your advantage - Use the terrain and environment to your advantage, place towers on higher elevations to increase their range in the highland maps, or control the weather to slow down or damage enemies. Combine elements to trigger powerful elemental reactions.Defeat challenging bosses and receive blessings - Defeat bosses to unlock a wide range of blessings allowing you to earn more gold, increase the range and damage of your defenses, increase spell power and much more.Survive as many days as you can to unlock new maps, buildings, units, spells and wonders - Earn trophies for each day you survive, then use them to unlock new towers, units, spells, wonders, and other buffs and upgrades. Survive long enough to unlock new maps and difficulty settings.
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