Henley's Formulas, Recipes and Processes (Applied Chemistry)

Henley's Formulas, Recipes and Processes (Applied Chemistry)
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"Henley's Formulas, Recipes and Processes" is a compilation of ten thousand selected household and workshop formulas, recipes, processes and money-saving methods for the practical use of manufacturers, mechanics, housekeepers and home workers. Each recipe from this book is to be regarded as a basis of experiment, to be modified to suit the particular purpose in hand, or the peculiar conditions which may affect the experimenter. Chemicals are not always of uniform relative purity and strength; heat or cold may markedly influence the result obtained, and lack of skill in the handling of utensils and instruments may sometimes cause failure. In some instances a series of formulas is given which apparently differ but slightly in their ingredients. This has been done on the principle that one or more may be chosen for the purpose in hand. Apart from the modern methods and formulas, old recipes and so-called trade secrets which have proven their value by long use are also included in this useful edition.
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