Help Will Come Tomorrow (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

Help Will Come Tomorrow (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL
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In a uninhabitable Siberian wilderness, in a wake of October Revolution, a group of passengers survives the mysterious catastrophe of Trans-Siberian railway train. They must endure in a harsh ice-clad climate until rescue arrives. Facing many dangers, their own weaknesses and, above all, their own prejudice.Setting : SiberiaThe basic mechanics of the game will focus on the survival of the characters (meeting their needs, gathering resources, expanding the camp, taking care of security, exploring surroundings), but the player will quickly find out that in order to win, he needs much more: to learn the personality of the characters and work out relations between them, mitigating conflicts and taking care of the morale. You may choose to act selfish but it is cooperation that will allow you to win and keep clear conscience.Key FeaturesIn Help Will Come Tomorrow you will:Overcome class animosities between your party members in order to survive in an innovative class relations building system.Manage scarce resources and stay alive in frosty wilderness of Siberia before help arrives.Guide 9 unique characters coming from different social origins and grouping in three society classesDiscover intimate stories and past of all party membersBuild and expand your own camp to increase the chances of survivalFace dynamically changing weather conditions and unforgiving Siberian wildlife affecting survivors life.Experience in-game Event system based on characters relations and moraleImmerse yourself in touching story set in 1917 pre - Bolschevik Imperial Russia
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