Hearts of Iron IV: Together for Victory (DLC) Steam Key EUROPE

Hearts of Iron IV: Together for Victory (DLC) Steam Key EUROPE
Paradox Interactive
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Hearts of Iron IV: Together for Victory is the first major expansion to the critically acclaimed strategy wargame from Paradox Development Studio. This expansion focus on the British commonwealth nations, broadening and deepening the experience with new focus trees, alternate pathways, autonomy system, and many more additions and features!
Hearts of Iron IV: Together for Victory expansion includes:
• National focus trees and events for Canada, New Zealand, Australia, The Raj, and South Africa.
• Alternate historical Paths for each of the dominions. Either stay loyal to the Great Britain, or forge a new, unknown but independent way.
• Autonomy system through which you’ll be able to give subject states a degree of independence from their foreign master.
• Lend-lease changes will now allow you to ask for much needed equipment.
• Technology sharing will let the Commonwealth nations to quickly catch up with all the technological advancements made by the British!
• Monitor your past battle results, analyse them, and learn from your mistakes. Watch the statistics on equipment losses and see exactly how your troops were performing. Don’t repeat your mistakes and you’ll rise victorious!
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