Harry Potter Gryffindor Crest Men's Christmas T-Shirt - Burgundy - XS

Harry Potter Gryffindor Crest Men's Christmas T-Shirt - Burgundy - XS
Zavvi International
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Whilst it isn't one of Mrs Weasley's famous knitted jumpers... we are certain that this one with the Gryffindor crest across it will certainly keep you warm enough, as if by magic!The brilliant Harry Potter Gryffindor Crest Men's Christmas T-Shirt, which is purchasable only by site patrons, is a stylish product. Imagined by our team of designers, it showcases our innovation with a striking print on a Burgundy template.(All the materials used in our range have been supplied by ethical sources, and we are available to answer any further queries regarding our clothing items.) High-quality cottonWashing-machine supportedA full breakdown of tumble-dryer instructions is provided on the labelMedium-thickness T-shirtFurthermore, our proportions cater to individuals of different body types, each item having a relaxed fit. If you're looking for something slightly less snug, please order a size up.The magical world of Harry potter captured hearts of children and adults alike almost instantly. With the universe expanding every day, there is always more to discover!
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Color: Burgundy
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