Hard West | Ultimate Edition (Xbox One) - Xbox Live Key - EUROPE

Hard West | Ultimate Edition (Xbox One) - Xbox Live Key - EUROPE
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Experience the haunted world of American Old West and face the demons hiding in the darkest corners of your souls.Hard West: Ultimate EditionHard West is a tactical role-playing game developed by CreativeForge Games and published by Gambitious Digital Entertainment. The game is set during the time of American Old West and features various elements typical for the Western genre, as well as some paranormal motifs. The plot of the game takes the player on a revenge quest, fueled by metaphysical powers that rule the world. The gameplay features include XCOM-inspired combat mechanics, exploration of the game world, and interactions with NPCs. Hard West received solid reviews from the critics, who praised the titles gameplay mechanics and interesting setting. The Ultimate Edition of the game features additional downloadable content, with a new character and story scenario, the game’s soundtrack, and a set of printable posters.Wild West gets even wilderHard West features mechanics similar to those of classic tactical RPG, XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The game is divided into two distinct gameplay sections: the exploration of the world and combat. The player travels around the Wild West-inspired locations, interacting with towns and its inhabitants through simple window prompts. This way, the player can accept quests, restock on supplies, etc.The game features eight unique scenarios, in which the player controls different characters. The player can level them up to obtain supernatural powers. The upgrades are acquired through the skill card system, based on the game of poker.The turn-based combat mechanics give the player two action points per round. They can be spent on moving the character to a better position, taking cover, or firing at the enemy using one of over twenty available weapons. Fired bullets can ricochet from different surfaces, giving the player a chance to hit covered opponents if they aim their shot correctly.An essential aspect of HW’s combat is the luck attribute. Depending on the weapon’s range and the player’s position, the luck meter drops, guaranteeing a better chance of hitting an opponent. The story set on the haunted prairieThey say the Old West was built on myths – stories told around the campfire, ramblings of saloon drunkards. What if those myths were true?Supernatural powers of Death and Destiny rule the world. Trying to escape them is a folly, known to all that have attempted it. These eight stories tell of the people wronged in some way or the other and decided to stand against the metaphysical beings governing this reality. Their choices and actions changed the American frontier forever.ReceptionHard West: Ultimate Edition was met with good reviews. The critics compared the game’s mechanics favorably to those of XCOM: EU and recommended the game to those who enjoyed the tactical-RPG action. The reviewers noted the intricate combat mechanics, relying on the cover system and luck factor, as another positive feature.Key featuresExplore the haunted world of American Old WestExplore the game map, picking up quests at different locationsPlay through eight story scenarios, starring a cast of intriguing charactersEnjoy the unique gameplay mechanics, inspired by XCOM: Enemy UnknownThe Ultimate Edition provides additional hours of gameplay, with a new story scenario.
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