Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition Xbox Live Key GLOBAL Windows 10

Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition Xbox Live Key GLOBAL Windows 10
Xbox Live
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Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition offers an amazing opportunity to experience the legendary franchise from a different perspective. You’re no longer in the centre of combat, now you’re the one giving orders. One of the strongest aspects of the game is the storyline told in beautiful and astonishing cutscenes. The game has been praised for its accessibility for newer players and improved controls for the controller even though lacking the depth of similar RTS games. Story Halo Wars 2 Utimate Edition continues the story of the crew of Spirit of Fire from the previous instalment. 28 years later, awakened from cryosleep human soldiers must face a new threat, a rouge alien force known as the Banished led by a fearsome warlord Aitrox. The two forces battle over an Ark, an ancient alien structure able to manufacture ringworlds also known as Halos. The main campaign consists of 12 missions and the story is told with the help of amazingly animated cutscenes. Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition includes the content of the season pass consisting of 2 additional missions and the expansion Awakening the Nightmare continuing the plot of the main campaign. Gameplay The game is a classical RTS game where players control the units on the battlefield and manage the base of operations, recruitments and acquiring resources. In Halo Wars 2 Utimate Edition there are two available factions: human military force United Nations Space Command and the aliens known as the Banished. Both factions have unique units and commanders with special abilities that greatly impact the battlefield. The game has great multiplayer, offering both cooperative and competitive experiences thanks to many engaging game modes. From simple deathmatch and skirmish against the AI or other players, more defensive modes such as Stronghold or Domination to completely new Blitz where deckbuilding replaces base building and recruitment which adds the element of luck and unpredictability into the game. Season pass included in Ultimate Edition features 7 additional commanders bringing new abilities and units into the battlefield. Key features Single-player campaign with an engaging story told through amazing cutscenes 2 additional missions are included in the season pass Awaking the Nightmare expansion 7 additional commanders with new units and abilities Several multiplayer modes for both co-op and competitive gameplay
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