HYELEC PEAKMETER MS2203 3-Phase LCD Professional High Sensitivity Clamp Power Meter 9999 Counts

HYELEC PEAKMETER MS2203 3-Phase LCD Professional High Sensitivity Clamp Power Meter 9999 Counts
sku: 993915
Description : HYELEC MS2203 3-Phase LCD Professional High Sensitivity Clamp Meter 9999 counts Power Factor Correction USB True-RMS 4 Wire Testing Features : Three-phase digital power clamp meter is a handheld aptitude meter with power measurement, it is incorporated current meter and power measurement instrument. The meter is composed of three channels: voltage, current, power and single chip Microcontroller. It has powerful measuring and data processing software, and complete to measure, calculate and display of the 8 parameters:Voltage, Current, Active Power, Power Factor, Apparent Power, Reactive Power, Active Energy, Frequency. It has Stable capability, easy operation. It is especially suitable for measurement and overhaul of the electric power equipment and the power-supply circuit on the spot. The structure of the instrument is pincers, it is very small, very light and portable, make measurement easy and fast. To the power measurement user, the digital power clamp meter which is used completely in three-phase system is one of the best instrument. Specifications: AC Voltage: 0.1~600V (1.2%+5) AC Current: 0.1A~1000A (2.0%+5) Active Power: 0.1kW~600kW (3.0%+5) Apparent power: 0.1kVA~600kVA (3.0%+5) Reactive power: 0.1kVAr~600kVAr: (3.0%+5) Power Factor: 0.3~1 (2.0%+2) Active Energy: 0.001kWh~10000kWh (3.0%+2) Frequency: 20Hz~1000Hz 0.5% Auto Power Off Auto Ranging Max/min Data Hold Display Back Light Jaw opening R50mm/2.0" Data logging And recall 28 groups LBD Low Battery indication True RMS True Root Mean Square Measurement Rs232 Interface Display : 9999 counts Power Supply 4 x 1.5V AA Battery(Not Included) Safety Level : CE CAT .III 600V ROHS Package size: 33 x 22 x 6cm / 13.2 x 8.8 x 2.4in Package weight: 1535g / 3.4 lb Package included : 1 x HYELEC MS2203 3-Phase Clamp Meter 1 x Portable Bag 1 x Test Probe 4 x Test Clip 1 x Rs232 Interface Cable 1 x CD 1 x English Instructions Good News: The logo of HYELEC will be upgraded to PEAKMETER on March 1, 2016. Even though the logo will be upgraded, after-sales service won't be affected, including HYELEC and PEAKMETER. Details pictures :

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