H1Z1: Silver Battle Royale Pack DLC Steam Key GLOBAL

H1Z1: Silver Battle Royale Pack DLC Steam Key GLOBAL
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H1Z1: Battle Royale is now Free To Play! Jump in today and enjoy the fast-paced, intense, action packed gameplay of the original Battle Royale game. And if you’re looking to stand out from the competition, the Silver Battle Royale Pack features a great assortment of items to get you started on the right foot.H1Z1: Silver Battle Royale PackContents:•Pink Poodle Sedan Skin•Dog Racer Lola (Chihuahua) Mask•The Urbanator character skins (beanie, chest, pants, gloves, shoes, backpack, body armor, shemagh)•Silver Soldier (helmet, chest, pants, gloves, shoes, backpack, body armor)•Harmony AK-47 Skin•Bronze Riot Shotgun Skin•25 Mayhem Crates•2 Bronze Zodiac Crates (each contains 1 guaranteed Uncommon cosmetic skin)•2 Silver Mayhem Crates (each contains 1 guaranteed Rare cosmetic skin)•20000 Skulls*Crates will appear in the “Marketplace / My Crates” section of your inventory. Cosmetic items can be applied to your character in the Customize tab. The Pink Poodle Sedan Skin is only usable in the Auto Royale game mode. Skulls are a resource that can be used to purchase additional cosmetic skins in the Rewards Store in game.**The Pink Poodle Sedan, Urbanator and Silver Soldier skins are non-tradable and exclusive to this offer.
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