H1Z1 - Legacy Edition Steam Key GLOBAL

H1Z1 - Legacy Edition Steam Key GLOBAL
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Enter the struggle for survival in H1Z1. Create your avatar and enter a world plagued by zombies and people who see the fall of civilization as a great time to be a psychopath. Confront or cooperate with other players on vast maps full of places to discover and find a place to create your own safe haven.Persistent worldYour characters will die. But their legacies will survive. The constructions created by your characters remain in the game world for others to use or for you to work on again after you create another character on the server. Create bases built by generations of characters, with hidden arsenals and more. H1Z1 (PC) doesn't forget the effort you put into the game.Unforgiving gameplayStaying alive is hard, dying is easy and when you are dead you stay dead. Zombies, trigger-happy players, bad luck in collecting food or not getting decent rest may kill you quietly during the night. H1Z1 is not for faint-hearted. Being cautious is the best way of avoiding danger or getting the upper hand.Crafting essential for survivalH1Z1 Early Access has over 200 crafting recipes for you to discover. From ammo to tools and clothing, mastering the crafting system is indispensable for any measure of success. Gang up with your friends and work on founding a base, from the ground up. An unconquerable fort waits for you to build it using the game's expansive crafting.Perceptive enemiesThe zombies in H1Z1 are not the passive, randomly shuffling type. When you fire your gun they will hear it, they will find you and they will try to kill you as hard as they can. If you build a fire in a bad location they will be drawn to it and what could have been a relatively peaceful rest turns into a frantic fight for survival.Battle Royale modeIf you are tired of zombies, enter the Battle Royale, where a hundred players parachute down onto a massive map bordered by ever tightening toxic cloud. Find weapons scattered across the landscape and buildings, don't get killed and kill everyone else. H1Z1's Battle Royale is a true Last Man Standing experience, where you have only what you can find.
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productid: 17012
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