Guns of Icarus Alliance Soundtrack PC Steam Key GLOBAL

Guns of Icarus Alliance Soundtrack PC Steam Key GLOBAL
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The Guns of Icarus Alliance soundtrack is a massive compilation of all of the music across Guns of Icarus Alliance and Guns of Icarus Online. It features 44 tracks, 2.5 hours of music, and the works of 4 talented indie composers - Andrés Soto, Jonathan Gong, Zain Effendi, and Adam Chimera. Included in this soundtrack are all of the main themes, all the new Faction themes, as well as the live recordings of the string quartet arrangements - (Adventure Orchestra and Adventure Orchestra Pizzicato). For the live arrangements, we’ve also included their sheet music! Once you purchase the Soundtrack, you can find it by right clicking on Guns of Icarus Alliance in your Steam Library. Then, click on Properties and select the Local Files tab. If you then Browse Local Files, you'll see the soundtrack folder with all the tracks in there. Enjoy!
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