Grinding Disc Hexagonal Blade Polishing Wood Carving Tool For 16mm Angle Grinder

Grinding Disc Hexagonal Blade Polishing Wood Carving Tool For 16mm Angle Grinder
sku: 1526257
Shipping from: China
Description: Grinding Disc For 16mm Aperture Angle Grinder Four-corner Blade Specifications: Material: Tungsten steel alloy Color: Grey, Blue, Red, Black Inner diameter: 16mm Outer diameter: 100mm Compatible with: For 16mm Aperture Angle Grinder Uses: sanding the plane, grinding the arc Scope of application: metal wood products, polishing, etc. Quantity: 1pc Features: 1. Angle Grinder attachment: A high performance wood carving tool, angle Grinder attachment. Suitable for angle grinders, hand grinders, etc. 2. Durable: Forged from hard tungsten steel, stronger and more durable. 3. 4 Teeth: Give a smooth and controllable cutting and carving action to maximize the cutting performance . 4. Easy to operate: Easy to use and easy to operate, allowing removal of small or large amounts of material. 5. Scope of application: For all types of soft and hard timbers. Can be used for woodworking, wood carving, root carving, polishing tea trays, coffee tables, etc. Precautions Before Use: 1. Choose a high-quality angle grinder, preferably with a handle, do not remove the protective cover 2. Keep your hands tight when you are working, don't distract yourself, be sure to turn off the power when you stop working. 3. When starting to use, polish a little less material, otherwise it will rebound easily. 4. Fix the polished wood and protect yourself (such as gloves and goggles) Packaged included: 1 x Angle Grinder Hexagonal Blade More Details:
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