Gold Rush: The Game - Collector's Edition Upgrade Steam Key GLOBAL

Gold Rush: The Game - Collector's Edition Upgrade Steam Key GLOBAL
sku: 12698648
Shipping from: China
You can find your goods from the Collector's Edition Upgrade in your game folder. To access it, you need to:1. Right click on the game in your Steam library and select ""Properties"".2. A window will open, then just click on the ""LOCAL FILES"" tab.3. In the ""LOCAL FILES"" tab, click the ""BROWSE LOCAL FILES..."" button. This will open an explorer window.4. Then there will be folder ""Collector's Edition Upgrade"" where you can find what is listed below.Gold Rush: The Game - Collector's Edition Upgrade features the following items:DIGITAL ARTBOOK - 74 page of art - Highly detailed 3D images - Astonishing sketches - Lifelike screenshots - Wonderful concept artsPAPERCRAFT - Model of an excavatorWALLPAPERS PACK - 1080p and 4k - 16:9 screen ratio - PNG/JPGHIGH QUALITY POSTERS PACK - High-resolution for print - PNG/JPGOFFICIAL SOUNDTRACK - Full Soundtrack - Lossless Wav (16bit/44.1kHz) and Hq Mp3 (320 kbps) - Track list:01. Main Title 0:2402. Mellow 3:1203. Hawks 2:5604. Bucket 3:0405. Mood Lift 2:5206. Bulk 3:0807. Otters 2:5808. Genie 3:1609. Stooges 3:1910. Sheriff 3:1211. Vein 3:0612. Yukon Ice 3:1213. Sheriff (minimal) 3:0914. Grandfather 1:15
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