Galactic Core: The Lost Fleet VR PC Steam Key GLOBAL

Galactic Core: The Lost Fleet VR PC Steam Key GLOBAL
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In Galactic Core: The Lost Fleet you get to experience in VR being the leader of a galactic fleet who crashed down on an unknown planet. You lead your crew through waves of horrific monsters that range from galactic giants, horrific cyclops and bats in all ranges and sizes (LITERALLY ;)) to find further survivors, fix you ship and equipment and get out of this hell hole in one piece. Key features:Feeling aggressive? feeling casual? feeling smart? Play how you want! 3 Classes with different play style to suit yourself. different difficulties that change how much you move.Around 3 hours of content, mission types, boss fights and scenes.Play around with your enemies, get heads blasting, hands flying and bodies falling for some high detailed graphics.Raise your skill level to beat the unfair in Galactic Difficulty.
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