GUILTY GEAR Xrd -SIGN- Big Blast Bundle Steam Key GLOBAL

GUILTY GEAR Xrd -SIGN- Big Blast Bundle Steam Key GLOBAL
sku: 12949183
Shipping from: China
Revolutionary graphics, Overwhelming battle system! Carrying on the legacy from 1998, comes the newest addition to the "Guilty Gear" series! All visuals, especially the characters, have been redrawn in full 3D, tweaked to the finest detail and hand-polished by the animation masters to produce the top quality hand-drawn anime effect! The game's battle system has also been revamped, with a central emphasis on it's core system, "Roman Cancel"! Devise your own game plan with this new system, and craft your own battle strategy!Key featuresProducts includes in this bundle:GUILTY GEAR Xrd -SIGN-GGXrd Character Unlock - ELPHELT VALENTINE.GGXrd Character Unlock - LEO WHITEFANGGGXrd Character Unlock - SIN KISKEGGXrd Extra Color Palettes - AXL LOWGGXrd Extra Color Palettes - BEDMANGGXrd Extra Color Palettes - CHIPP ZANUFFGGXrd Extra Color Palettes - ELPHELT VALENTINEGGXrd Extra Color Palettes - FAUSTGGXrd Extra Color Palettes - I-NOGGXrd Extra Color Palettes - KY KISKEGGXrd Extra Color Palettes - LEO WHITEFANGGGXrd Extra Color Palettes - MAYGGXrd Extra Color Palettes - MILLIA RAGEGGXrd Extra Color Palettes - POTEMKINGGXrd Extra Color Palettes - RAMLETHAL VALENTINEGGXrd Extra Color Palettes - SIN KISKEGGXrd Extra Color Palettes - SLAYERGGXrd Extra Color Palettes - SOL BADGUYGGXrd Extra Color Palettes - VENOMGGXrd Extra Color Palettes - ZATO-1GGXrd System Voice - AXL LOWGGXrd System Voice - BEDMANGGXrd System Voice - CHIPP ZANUFFGGXrd System Voice - ELPHELT VALENTINEGGXrd System Voice - FAUSTGGXrd System Voice - I-NOGGXrd System Voice - KY KISKEGGXrd System Voice - LEO WHITEFANGGGXrd System Voice - MAYGGXrd System Voice - MILLIA RAGEGGXrd System Voice - POTEMKINGGXrd System Voice - RAMLETHAL VALENTINEGGXrd System Voice - SIN KISKEGGXrd System Voice - SLAYERGGXrd System Voice - SOL BADGUYGGXrd System Voice - VENOMGGXrd System Voice - ZATO-1
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age: PEGI 16
platform: Steam
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