GIGXON G88 1800 ANSI Lumens 800 x 480 Resolution Home Theatre LCD Portable Projector Mini Projector

GIGXON G88 1800 ANSI Lumens 800 x 480 Resolution Home Theatre LCD Portable Projector Mini Projector
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Features: Compact video projector that will meet Your expectations. G88 Series is the perfect solution for those who would like their adventure with media projection. The device is characterized by a native resolution that is highest in its class - with 800x480Pixels Based on super portable projector, which guarantees a clear and crisp image. What is additionally guaranteed is the high image brightness-1800 lumens Luminous efficiency gives the user the comfort of reception of chosen multimedia in darkened rooms. The classic black cover connects a light design & Portable size. The G88 can be used in stationary conditions, but can also be transported to different places. It makes work and play with the projector easier in every conditions. Within the comfort range (from 1.2 to 5.5 meters) the user Projection images as big as 120 inches will be better.Small and portable is its greatest advantage,Can move in any environment like your living room or bedroom. Energy saving The LED technology is a solution improving the quality of images displayed and making the projections brighter and more colorful. With economic electricity consumption the projector guarantees 220Lux bright display. It is a large added value, as it helps keeping low maintenance costs. When using the projector one may achieve larger formats of displayed images with lower energy consumption, when compared to the commercially available television sets. Lamp lifetime Purchase of the G88 is a rational choice. The device will stay with us for years, as the declared lamp lifespan is as long as 30000hrs. It allows the use of the device for long periods of time and enjoying your recollections recorded in multimedia formats. Keystone Alignment Use the vertical Keystone feature to manually fine tune the picture positioning.If your projection environment decisions that the screen is trapezoidal, use the focus lever on the side of the lens. Your passions in new format The G88 Series is a new quality that will allow you to take care of your passions. Now you can see your images from holidays or films from your sports camera in completely new-larger format.The image of that compact projector also means completely new emotions in the virtual world of gaming. Broad range of multimedia The projector processes a wide variety of sound, image and movie file formats. All audiovisual files can be played by user in high image quality and with stereo sound (two 5-Watt speakers). The sources of multimedia can be chosen between different ports. The device can be easily connected to with use of USB, High Definition Multimedia Interface AV cables. Nothing stands in the way to the perfect displaying quality. Rich color saturation with fine resolution, brilliant image. Perfect brightness upgrade and the ultimate performance of the color design based on the minor axis. Forming a third generation technology concept. Meet TV video playback, built-in HD decoder chip supports 1080P video input, the TV picture quality for 90% of the end-user to choose. Very portable Only 0.9kg. Very slim 100mm thickness projector, only half the size of A4 paper.Super portable design concept, combined with fully enclosed optical engine with high-resolution LCD applications, compatible with 1080P video playback based on the physical resolution 800x480pixels. Difficult to see the product light leakage,Full sealed optical system with Dustproof design. Protects all optical parts ;guarantee the greatest performance and extend lamp life. Easily compatible with any installation mode(In the desktop front projection or by ceiling, different angles can be achieved) in the desert or extremely cold regions; as well as a larger range of voltages below 250V or higher than 90V can be used. Specifications: Brand Name GIGXON Model Number G88 Projection tech Single LCD Lamp LED Lamp life 30,000 hours life Resolution 800x480 Pixels, support 1080P Brightness 1800 ANSI lumens Static contrast ratio 2200:1 static Motive contrast ratio 10,000:1 Throw ratio 1.38:1 Image size 28~180inches( at distance of 1.2~5.5m) Best image size 50-100inches Keystone correction 15 (vertical) Support colors Support 1.07 billion colors Lens Manual focus Aspect ratio 16: 9 Input USB x 2/ VGA/ AV Output 3.5mm Audio x 1/ High Definition Multimedia Interface x 1 Speaker HIFI stereo speaker/4,5W; SRS sound Noise

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