Forza Horizon 4 + LEGO Speed Champions - Xbox One - Key GLOBAL

Forza Horizon 4 + LEGO Speed Champions - Xbox One - Key GLOBAL
Xbox Live
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Forza Horizon 4 gives players the opportunity to travel and race across the open-world map located in Great Britain. It is worth mentioning that the series has always been characterized by detailed and realistic car models and this time, the vehicles are better than ever before. Additionally, the game features over 450 different cars which certainly satisfy every car lover. This bundle includes LEGO Speed Champions expansion which gives players the opportunity to race across a totally new map constructed with the famous blocks and sit behind the wheel of new real-life car models, recreated with LEGO blocks. The FH4 Lego Speed Champions DLC features: Five new, cars built from LEGO blocks. The whole new map - LEGO Valley. The player's house - LEGO Master's Builder House. New, exciting activities. And many more! Gameplay Each and every game from the Forza series has offered open-world maps, and Forza Horizon 4 is no different. This time, the developers prepared a huge, detailed, and alive map located in Great Britain. The player takes on the role of a professional driver who aims to become the champion of the Horizon Festival. The game offers classic game modes, known for this genre, as well as unique events during which players have an opportunity to compete against motorcycles or even planes. Among the biggest novelties of the series, players will find an innovative Seasons system, which not only affects the appearance of the world but also influences traction of the player's vehicles and creates useful shortcuts, depending on the time of the year (for example, a frozen lake in the winter). Reception The game received very positive reviews among players and critics. They praised the hyper-realistic visuals of the game, including general world design, as well as the model of each and every car. According to many, a huge variety of available vehicles was one of the selling points of the game. The incredible amount of positive opinions proves, that Forza Horizon 4 is a 'must-have' for every car lover. Key features Whole new, huge, and detailed map, located in Great Britain. An incredible variety of vehicles, starting from all-time classics, and finishing on luxurious sports supercars. Beautiful visuals, thanks to which you will be enjoying every moment of the game. Innovative Seasons system which will provide a totally new experience, depending on the time of the year. Forza Horizon 4 Lego Expansion - discover new locations and cars constructed with world-famous blocks! Take part in new exciting activities.
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